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Videopremiere: All We Are – ‘ Keep Me Alive ‘ (Offizielles Video)


8669das Liverpooler Trio All We Are präsentiert uns heute ein mystisches Musikvideo zu ihrer neuen Single ‘ Keep Me Alive ‘. Die Band taucht ab in die Natur und begibt sich in ein verlassenes Haus in dem übernatürliche und surreale Dinge passieren. Regisseurin Abbie Stephens hat dazu folgendes zu sagen:


This track really grabbed me. The lyric “I hear nothing at all but your breathing” struck me as quite chilling and I wanted to make something that reflected this strange beautiful darkness. I started thinking about intangible things; things that aren’t necessarily there or that we can’t see. I came up with the idea of using picture frames as portals into this parallel realm, with the band and the objects that surround them passing seamlessly between the two worlds, the details of which are revealed piecemeal as the portals mysteriously slide over the surface of the image.”


Und nun viel Vergnügen damit: